TRACK-TBI/TED Joint Investigators Meeting November 9-10, 2015 Napa, CA

The TRACK-TBI/TED Joint Investigators Meeting brought together lead study site investigators, senior leadership from the NINDS and Department of Defense funders, private industry partners, philanthropy, and FDA regulatory personnel. Conference presentations and activities included progress updates for the two initiatives, followed by working sessions devoted to refining strategies to achieve research and regulatory aims.


Presentation slides from the talks can be downloaded by clicking here.


The TRACK-TBI/TED Joint Investigators Meeting Agenda | November 9, 2015


Introduction and Welcome | Geoff Manley, MD PhD 

Col. Todd Rasmussen, MD USAF MC | Director, Combat Casualty Care Research Program 

NINDS Perspective | Pat Bellgowan, PhD  | Program Director, Repair and Plasticity NIH/NINDS

TRACK-TBI “State of the Study” | Claudia Robertson, MD; Mary Vassar, RN MS; David Okonkwo, MD PhD

TED: “Where We Are, Where We’re Going” | Geoff Manley, MD PhD

Update: TRACK-TBI Outcomes Core / TED Clinical Outcomes Assessment EWG | Mike McCrea, PhD; Sureyya Dikmen, PhD; Joe Giacino, PhD

Update: TRACK-TBI Neuroimaging Core / TED Neuroimaging EWG | Pratik Mukherjee, MD PhD; Christine Mac Donald, PhD

Update: TRACK-TBI Biospecimens Core / TED Blood-Based Biomarker EWG | Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, MD PhD; Kevin K.W. Wang, PhD; David Okonkwo, MD PhD

One Mind Portal - Idea Board | Geoff Manley, MD PhD

Palantir | Chloe Coughlin-Schulte

Data Curation | Steve Wisniewski, PhD

Update from FDA | Allison Kumar, Senior Program Manager FDA CDRH

Importance of Regulatory Collaboration | Diane Stephenson, PhD; Ann Robbins, PhD

CDISC/Common Data Elements (CDE) Conformity | Joe Giacino, PhD

Collaboration Policies & Processes | Amy Markowitz, JD

Charge to the EWGs/Cores for Breakout Sessions | Geoff Manley, MD PhD